Crafting a Cat House!

7:08 PM

For Labor Day, Karen (mom of my late husband/my new BFF) and I thought we'd make a house for her cats, Luckie and Gracie. Though they pretty much have the run of the house, we thought this tutorial was too adorable to pass up.

We followed Beci Orpin's instructions in her book Home: 25 Amazing Projects for Your Home for a project she simply titles "cardboard house." 

Using a heavy-duty 18x18x18" cardboard box I bought at Staples, we began by taping the sides and the bottom together with the blue duct tape. We taped all the edges, as Ms. Orpin suggests in her book, to keep things sturdy. We cut the front and back flaps to make them triangular and folded the right and left flaps upward, taping them to the triangles of the front and back flap to form a base for the roof. We taped on a separate piece of white cardboard for the roof.

Then I cut out the door, leaving some cardboard attached for the door hinge. 
We added windows and used blue washi tape to cover the jagged edges of the cardboard where I inexpertly cut it with a box cutter. (The project calls for a utility knife, which we did not have on hand.) Then I glued a puff ball on as the doorknob and used a silver paint pen to draw tiles on the roof. We put an old couch pillow on the floor inside the little house in hopes that our feline friends would be drawn to the familiar scent.

The project was again a mixed success, because though the end result turned out adorable and fun, the cats seem wary of the final product.

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