Throwing a Princess Party!

8:16 AM

Looking for inspiration for throwing a princess-themed bash for a small child (or an adult who's way too old for this, but wants a princess party nonetheless)? Look no further. I've collected some ideas for throwing a simple, but classy royal party.

Stuff to Buy (pictures from above):
1 - printable princess party decor - InklingsPaperie on Etsy $25 (includes printable designs for all seen above in box 1)
2 - unicorn horn - Urban Outfitters $12
3 - pink and gold crown confetti - AshleyAnnaMarie on Etsy $1.95 for 75 pieces
4 - light pink cupcake wrappers - WhenItRainsShop on Etsy $8 for 12
5 - mini gold lace crown cake topper - InspiredLilParties on Etsy $12.80
6 - metallic edible gold glitter - BakersBlingShop on Etsy $5.25 for .25oz
7 - princess cupcake toppers - InspiredLilParties on Etsy $7 for 12

Crafty Stuff to Make:
1. Set up a make-your-own wand station: Have a bunch of dowel rods on hand, along with ribbons of various lengths, colors, and sparkles. Have an adult tie, glue, or staple ribbons chosen by kids onto a dowel rod.
2. Add some cheap sparkle by painting branches with metallic paint. Bonus points if you use the branches to hand up additional princess-y decor.
3. DIY clouds set a dreamy mood.
4. Make a castle photo booth like this one.

Tasty Stuff to Make:
1. Pillsbury tiara-shaped pizzas
2. princess hat ice cream desserts
3 This castle cake from Better Homes & Gardens

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