Styling a Bar Cart!

3:23 PM

My mother-in-law, Karen, had an old wooden cart collecting dust in the corner of her dining room. I can't think of a better way to revive a piece of unused furniture than to cover it with booze and make it the life of the party!

Since most gatherings at Karen's involve partygoers crowding into the kitchen, we moved the cart between the kitchen and living room, where the shimmer of the bottles will entice guests to fix themselves a drink and stay awhile.

We started with this wooden cart.

Then we collected the fanciest of the liquor bottles that were huddling under the sink, eagerly awaiting the next family bash. I grouped them by putting the tallest bottles in the back, and the shorter and more interestingly-shaped bottles in the front.

An old copper tray added glitz and organization to the bottom shelf, providing a neat way to corral mixers, straws, and stir sticks. The matching copper-topped straw-dispenser and small copper cup give the bottom shelf a cohesive look.

Karen wanted to showcase her gold-rimmed glassware, so we made sure those were front and center. The blue ice bucket is a functional pop of color that coordinates well with the Murano glass sculpture that we used to hold cocktail napkins.

As a playful finishing touch, I tied on little tags that say "Drink up!" and "Cheers!"

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