Weird and Wonderful Piñatas!

10:29 AM

Nothing turns a party into an event quite like a piñata. The mystery of what's inside, along with the socially sanctioned violence against an inanimate object, adds an extra layer of excitement to any gathering. Above are a few of my favorites. For some reason, most of my favorites are foods and animals.

1. Black Dragon - Party City $19.99
2. Ice Cream Cone -  Hobby Lobby $12.99
3. Taco - Target  $15.19
4. Boom Box - Target $15.19 
5. Llama - WhackPinatas on Etsy $50.00 
6. Pineapple - Pinyadayada on Etsy $40.00
7. Swan - WatermelonParty on Etsy $43.00

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  1. Ooh! Maybe a taco for the August Birthday Bash!


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