Fabric-Covered Switch Plates!

1:47 PM

Making fabric-covered switch plates for your light switches is a relatively inexpensive project, especially if, like me, you have lots of odds and ends of fabric. You can buy extra switch plates for less than $2 at any home improvement store. I tried both fabric glue and Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the plastic switch plate, and the fabric glue worked infinitely better, since it dries clearer and is thinner in general. 

Using the advice of Pink Chalk Studio, I started by making a facing piece of fabric to pull through the switchplate hole, in an attempt to make these look seamless and to keep them from fraying at the switch. As usual, this is much easier said than done. 

I cut small squares of fabric, traced the switch opening, backstitched the main fabric to the facing fabric, and then cut out the center hole, being careful not to snip the stitching accidentally.

Then once the two pieces of fabric are stitched together and you've cut out the center hole, pull the facing through a switchplate, so that your main piece of fabric is in the front, and the facing is in the back. 

Now it's time to begin gluing the fabric to the plastic plate. I did the front first, using a small remnant of fabric to smooth the glue into a thin layer, pressing the fabric smoothly to the plate.

I let this dry for two hours and then glued the fabric on the edges to the back of the plate. 

Three of the four switch plates came out lovely.

The fourth one the glue came out gloppy and soaked through the fabric. I strongly recommend choosing a thick linen for this project instead of cotton for this reason. 

So I pulled out some paint and made little brush marks on the fabric to cover the splotchiness. 

 And here's how they turned out!

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