DIY Sea Salt Scrub!

8:00 PM

Making your own salt scrub for smoothing rough skin in the shower is super easy!

Stuff to Buy/Have on Hand
A jar or plastic container for the finished scrub
Coarse salt (I used sea salt from Kroger)
Neutral or pleasant-smelling oil (I used cranberry walnut oil, but almond, sunflower, coconut, or canola oil would work great too!)
Essential oil or vanilla extract

Stuff to Do
First assemble your ingredients.

Make sure to choose a container that isn't likely to break in the shower, spraying glass-shards everywhere and necessitating an emergency room visit.

Fill your jar three-quarters full with oil.

Next, pour in salt, making sure that all salt is well-oiled.

Stir. Then add something to make your mix smell lovely. A few drops of essential oil or a tablespoon of vanilla, orange, or almond extract will do the trick.

Now stir. This is pretty hard to mess up, so at this point you more than likely have a finished scrub to slosh around with in the shower. You're welcome.

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