Confetti Bridal Shower!

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As you could probably guess from the title of the blog, confetti is one of my favorite things ever. So when I found out one of my best friends was getting married, I had to throw her a confetti-themed bridal shower. Bright pink, bright orange, and glittery gold were the party colorsa great match for my friend's bright and sparkly personality.

I have two hole punches that I just love for hand-punching confetti. One is a 1.5" circle which makes substantial confetti that is really simple to clean up. Another is a small half-inch heart-shaped hole-punch. As you can see below, my handmade heart confetti and gold tinsel strands festively decorated the tables.

My friends and I made a bunch of things for the shower, including sprinkle-studded tea lights, festive pompom sticks, a ribbon garland, Rice Krispies treats with sprinkles, melon cups, candy-coated strawberries, cupcakes, and dip-dyed marshmallows.

The craft above was supposed to be stir sticks to decorate drinks (made following this Handcrafted Parties tutorial), but we ended up using them as pompoms to wave around excitedly, and festively decorate the party foods.

These dip-dyed marshmallows are SO EASY! You just mix 20 drops food coloring with 2 tsp. water, jab a lollipop stick into a marshmallow, dip them in briefly, and sit them someplace to dry.

Instructions for making the above tassel garland that decorates the base of the tiered dessert table in the above photo are below.

Easy Tassel Garland

Stuff to Buy/Have on Hand
three or four large (54"x96") rectangular plastic tablecloths in varying colors
6 to 10 ft. of twine (I used brown twine) or ribbon in a coordinating color

Stuff to Do  
Cut tablecloth into 1' x 2' rectangles. Each rectangle will be one tassel. Fold each rectangle in half so that you have a 1'x1' square. Hold it with the folded edge away from you. Make cuts every inch (or every half inch, depending how big you want each strand to be), leaving 1 inch at the top (folded edge) uncut. Once you've made all your cuts to this rectangle, flatten it out, and lay it so that the uncut fold is in the center, parallel with you. Start on one of the side edges, roll the whole thing and fold in half, knotting one strand around the top to keep it together. Once you've got a whole bunch of tassels made, you can string them on the twine or ribbon, knotting at various intervals if you want to keep them separate, or bunching them together if you want a fuller look. The bonus of using plastic tablecloths instead of tissue paper for this is that they are sturdy and can be used again and again, even for outdoor parties that end in rainstorms. 

Now you're ready to party!

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