Marshmallow Mess!

9:50 AM

Several local restaurants serve a marshmallow dip or toasted marshmallow dip alongside their sweet potato fries, making the side dish seem like an indulgent treat. I've been looking up how to make my own marshmallow dipping sauce. Nearly all the recipes I've found online include some sort of cream, but cream isn't something I normally have on hand, and some days traveling to the grocery store (which is literally across the street from my apartment) seems like an exhausting journey.

Trying to make the best of things, I melted a bunch of jumbo marshmallows in a pot with about a tablespoon of walnut oil. After about six minutes on medium heat, they were a warm, gooey fluff ready for sweet p. fries to take a deep dive.

This worked really wellfor about three minutes. Then the "sauce" began to gel, not unlike the way queso begins to harden after awhile. If I'd had a microwave, I would have done a quick reheat and been back to enjoying my sugary potatoy snack in minutes. But I'm one of the few in modern days who still lack a science oven, so I lopped that sugary goodness onto the fries and tried to eat them nacho-style. This works, but I would not recommend it, because the marshmallow gets awfully sticky and it becomes an arduous sport just to disentangle each fry from the stack. Hopefully my future food experiments are more successful!

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  1. Now I am hungry for Sw P fries and marshmallow!! Yum!!


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