Magic Dumpling Feast!

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Dumplings are one of my favorite foods. I love that puff of steam dumplings release when you take that first bite. I love how the filling can be almost anything and they'll still be tasty. They can be appetizers or a meal. They can be spicy or sweet. They can be steamed, boiled, panfried or deep-fried. As a recovered picky eater who burrowed all foods into unhealthy mounds of barbecue sauce, I also love how dumplings can be submersed in various sauces, dripping with soy sauce or chili oil, and still be acceptable fare.

After eating the most glorious gyoza at Prosperty Dumplings in New York's Chinatown (and when I say "at" I mean "on a nearby bench" since seating is pretty much nonexistent there), I was inspired to make my own.
With lots of help from my boyfriend (who may now be nicknamed "Dumpling Model"), I made "Pork and Chive Dumplings" from Lee Ann Wong's Dumplings All Day Wong.

It was hard not to get too distracted at the Vietnamese grocery where we bought ingredients. There were giant fruits we'd never seen before and intriguing ingredients like "Whole snake in a jar." We were very excited to correctly identify Chinese chives (a main ingredient in this recipe) and fatback, which (ewwww) we omitted from this recipe. I was very worried about whether the ground pork would really cook properly in the hot oil (we panfried the dumplings), and am pleased to report that no ill effects were suffered from this recipe! 

And here is our finished creation! The first batch came out perfectly, but the second stuck to the pan. In the future, I'd probably add more oil to the second batch since the pan has had longer to heat up.

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  1. Wow, they look really yummy!! Thanks for the cooking inspiration!

  2. Amazing! I want to try gluten free! Nice Dumpling Model....what a dish. Ha ha

  3. This recipe for Gluten-Free dumpling dough looks relatively simple:


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