Lady Cooler!

8:45 AM

Over the weekend, I worked on my latest craft: reviving a drab dead-spider-covered igloo cooler. The original cooler, which you can see after the jump, included a seatbelt-like strap, and was very plain in unisex navy and white. I wanted to add some updates to make this a bright, fun thing to help me lug around lemonade and do so with style.

I began by cutting off the dirt-encrusted seatbelt strap, and cleaning off the years of crud clinging to this igloo's exterior. I bought a small wooden mermaid cutout, which I traced on posterboard to make a mermaid stencil.

Then I stencil-painted the mermaid in lime green, and added a palm tree stencil to the side, which is simply a palm tree I drew freehand onto some posterboard. Feeling that the strap needed a hit of color as well, I braided together lime green parachute cord, knotting the cords together and burning the ends to stop fraying. As you can see, the result is a slightly jazzier cooler, packed with more personality than the average store-bought beverage tote!

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  1. Now I need a cool lady cooler!! Great idea!!


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