Dinosaur Robot Nacho Party!

8:28 PM

A few years ago when I was living in Boston, a friend and former roommate was leaving town to pursue the science-y graduate degree of her dreams and those of us soon-to-be-left-behind were throwing her a going away party. We thought of many party themes based on her various research interests and wacky hobbies, but had lots of trouble deciding on just one. Ultimately we threw a party encompassing a bunch of themes (eyes, brains, doctors, dinosaurs, rats...Christopher Walken may have been one of the themes...) because narrowing your focus is for people who lack imagination (though I may have to learn to do that one of these days).

In that spirit, I threw a going-away party at work last week with a dinosaurs and robots theme. It was also a nacho party inspired in part by some gorgeous nacho party photos at CamilleStyles.com. Admittedly my styling could have used some work, but at least the conference room atmosphere was a little less business-as-usual!

And as you can see from the photos above, I brought various nacho toppings and made dino-sprinkled cake pops. Painted mini plastic dinosaurs roamed the tables, stepping over homemade confetti, and admiring the robot banner and tent cards. While this might not have been the most normal event to hold, it was certainly a creative success!

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